The Colorado Eye Institute was founded to help people and families maintain healthy eyesight throughout their lives. Our comprehensive range of Eye Care services includes regular eye exams, diagnosis, treatment, and correction of vision loss, eye disease, injury, and other conditions affecting the eyes.

Exceptional Staff of Board Certified Ophthalmologists
Our Board Certified Ophthalmologists are fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology in order to provide our patients with the most comfortable and advanced eye care examinations, treatments, and procedures available.

Eye Care Services include:
– Comprehensive Eye Examinations
– Major and Minor Vision Correction
– Eyeglasses
– Contact Lens Fitting
– Cataract Surgery
– LASIK – Laser Vision Correction
– Corneal Treatments and Transplants
– Keratoconus Lenses and Intacs Prescription Inserts
– Oculofacial Surgery – Eyelids, Eye-Sockets, and Tear Ducts
– Dry Eye Syndrome
– Glaucoma
– Diabetic Eye Disease and Screening
– Eye Injuries

Healthy Vision for You and Your Family
To help insure healthy vision for you or your family call us to set up an appointment today!